We are seeking Developers, Solution Architects and CREs with the right outlook and who have the ability to adapt in a fast-moving environment. Newcomers, who want to progress quickly, as well as domain experts in relevant technologies are equally welcomed.

Cloud Native is changing the way applications are created, deployed and managed, so much so that many approaches are yet to be imagined. We have open positions across engineering, developer experience, customer success, sales and marketing.

  • Weaveworks is family friendly, with the option of flexible hours and working practices.

  • Weaveworks has an extensive WFH policy and benefits, ensuring that you have the right tools no matter where you are.

  • Tamao Nakahara

    Head of Developer Experience

    “ The Weaveworks Developer Experience team helps the community get started with GitOps! We also innovate with open source projects such as FluxCD, Flagger, eksctl, Ignite, and more! ”